Interior Design, Restaurant and Bar


New Orleans, LA


3,000 SF


Completed 2018


The look and feel of Warbucks draws upon the creativity and rebelliousness of 1970s California street culture, the geometric shapes and pastel colors of roadside diners and drive-throughs, and the gritty textures and simple forms of skate parks. The overall vibe of the restaurant is playful but considered, a little retro but innovative, and a little gritty but refined – all ways one might describe Chef Todd Pulsinelli himself and his delicious food.


The room is divided into several distinct but visually-connected spaces. Near the front of the room, there is a lounge area for casual eating, drinking and hanging out and two high-top communal tables for large groups of friends and meeting neighbors. Indoor plants are an important feature and are situated throughout the space. Four custom steel and expanded metal planters stand 8-feet tall with greenery hanging from their tops.

The arrangement of the liquor shelves behind the bar is inspired by a vintage stereo system with 2 frozen drink machines in the center where tape decks would go and fabric speaker cabinets on the sides. Above the bar, there is a dramatic, 25-foot wide, glass tile art feature that is inspired by angular 1970s graphic design and roadside signs and which serves as a modern counterpoint to the brick wall.


The front of the bar has a one-of-a-kind, digitally fabricated, wood lattice design that is inspired by the pattern on the bottom of a classic Vans skate sneaker.

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